Want To Be Our EcoSocial Buddy?

Be Our EcoSocial Buddy in our Volunteer Program

We have launched a non-profit arm called My EcoSocial Planet, which would work on a lot awareness generation activities, waste collection, livelihood creation, research and development for waste upcycling or waste-to-craft and other social and environmental projects, ALL-AROUND-THE-PLANET!To help us with these activities, we are always looking for passionate people who can volunteer with us at My EcoSocial Planet, on an ongoing basis, all around the world. We usually require help with the following:
 1) Collecting Plastic Waste in your Home and Neighbourhood and shipping it to our Pune office.
2) Conducting Awareness Sessions in your Neighbourhood, Office, Educational Institutions and on your own Social Media handles.
3) Supporting our team at Exhibitions in your city.
4) Helping us in designing products, branding material, Social media posts and other graphics.
And ... helping with a whole plethora of other activities we do.
If you are willing to be our EcoSocial Buddy, do connect with us by filling up the Volunteer Registration Form